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I am so happy and humbled to share this space with you. I truly hope that it will be a site that you visit often and that the resources and my voice help to inspire you. 

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My Story

For all intents and purposes I am the unlikeliest person to believe the things that I do. As a biracial Hispanic woman of Puerto Rican / Belizean descent, who was born and raised in the Bronx I should have fallen for every type of societal agenda aimed to propagandize society -- especially through public school indoctrination. However, because of my upbringing and my deeply rooted love for Christ, through His grace, I was able to rise above the lies and I am now a fierce opponent of evil. 


I am a bilingual mother of five plus one more that was a gift from God and I am currently still homeschooling two. I am a happily married wife of 25 years who everyday strives to improve my vocation because I fall short in many ways -- have you heard my snakiness?!


I am a Christian and an unapologetic believer of LIFE. I'm not just Pro Life, I am an abolisher of abortion -- I want it GONE. No one has the right to end the life of another without JUST CAUSE. 


I am retired lactation consultant and birth doula. I am still very much zealous about helping mothers and newborns. This will forever be one of my passions. 


I am passionate about education - learning and teaching. This passion sparked my calling for advocacy. I am the Founder and President of Virginians for Liberty and Justice, which was established to educate the body of people on foundational truths, real history and civics.

I give classes on history, civics, and natural law, as well as consult new families in navigating homeschooling. 

My heart is for children, and protecting liberties and Christian principles for future generations.


I come from a long line of Marines which include my 3 brothers, husband and my oldest son. We enjoy living in and exploring the birthplace of our great nation.


My mission is to secure the God-given liberties of my posterity and yours, by restoring the republic to its original beauty and foundational principles. However, my greatest calling is to bring as many souls to the one and only true savior, Jesus Christ.




I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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