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True Education is Essential to Liberty:

Why Children Should be Shielded from Compulsory Education.

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Children and what influences them are very important factors in preserving liberty, for children are the future. 


Many throughout history have recognized this and the indoctrination of children have and continue to occur.


Adolf Hitler is quoted as saying "He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future." Hitler was wrong about many things, but he was absolutely right about this.  

This is why there is nothing more important than safeguarding our children and ensuring that their education is a sound one. 


Public schools and even many private schools have become an avenue that governments use to infiltrate children's minds. They also have become a way to infiltrate families. Schools are currently on a mission to teach children very racists and Marxist ideology through Critical Race Theory. They're also introducing explicit sexual content to children as early as preschool with the Common Core Sexuality Education / Standards. The history taught was already distorted and biased, but not it will be completely false with an underlying tone of "hate your country's history and all that it stands for." These are terrible, but the worse part is the erasing of parental say and authority. 


Have you ever heard of the term in loco-parentis?


It's a Latin term that means in the place of a parent. In loco-parentis is a legal doctrine describing a relationship similar to that of a parent to a child. It refers to an individual or an entity who assumes parental status and responsibilities for a child, without formally adopting that child.

Did you know that schools assume in loco-parentis when children are under the schools' care? 

This means that schools can make important decisions for parents -- including allowing CPS to perform investigations without parental consent and even without parental knowledge. Many schools are now also making medical decisions for children. 

Did you also know that there is an agenda to devalue the parent-child relationship? It is an agenda that assumes that parents are nothing more than mere equals in a relationship with the government in raising children. Here is a screenshot of the Department of Education's website where you can read for yourself and see how they are trying to reduce parental roles and authority.

Screen Shot 2021-01-30 at 2.51.14 PM.png

The thinking that "it takes a village to raise a child," has been unfolding for a long time, but it finally took a foothold during the 1990's, especially when Hillary Clinton campaigned for it through her famous book, pictured below: 

It takes a village .png

In the 1920's two court cases -- Meyer v Nebraska (1923) and Pierce v Society (1925) upheld the unalienable right of parents to raise their children according to their beliefs. However, since then, the courts have been slowly giving schools more and more power when it comes to its role in the lives of students. In fact, in 2005 the Ninth Circuit Court in Fields v Palmdale School District, Judge Reinhardt stated that “the Meyer-Pierce right does not extend beyond the threshold of the school door.” He actually opinionated that as soon as students enter school doors that their parents no longer hold authority over them. 

This should alarm every parent and be enough reason to pull kids out of the public school system (and many private schools too). 

The following videos give more reasons for children to be homeschooled. 

Many schools are not only intrusive when it comes to usurping power over families, but they also provide poor education. Children are taught what to think, NOT HOW TO THINK. Students have become great test takers and rule followers, but very poor critical thinkers with important life skills. This is by design. To learn more about the history of compulsory education, we recommend that you read this article by KrisAnne Hall.

If you are considering homeschooling and do not know where to start, we recommend looking at the resources provided on this site under the homeschooling tab. 

The video that is posted below is a must see for all who have a child in their life that they care about. 

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