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Public Schools Are Used to Sexualize and Exploit Children

Public Schools have a long history of being used as agenda pushing institutions, but the assault on children within the last decade is unlike anything that we have ever seen. This push is something that is coming from the United Nations. It is an agenda bigger than many understand.

Here are a few examples of things that are being taught to children in schools:

  • They may have been born into the wrong body and that using basic biological terms is wrong.1

  • Anal and oral sexual techniques with coupons to buy sex toys. 2

  • How to get secret abortions without parents knowing. 3

  • Sex education classes as early as kindergarten. 4

  • Teaching 5-year-olds about transgenderism WITHOUT parental permission. 5

You may be thinking, "I went to public school and was taught sex ed and I'm okay." I am here to tell you that what you learned in health class is NOTHING compared to what children are being exposed to today. You may also be thinking, "Not in my children's school. They go to a good school, thank goodness." I am here to tell you that you are under a huge illusion if you think that your child / children are safe from this agenda. They are not. The only way for them to be safe, is for you to pull them out of public school and teach them at home. Period.

If you’re not aware of this, your child will likely be exposed to this on some level without your knowledge.

Read on to see why this kind of curriculum is not isolated!

“How To” Sex Workshops For Kids

Throughout the country, sex education is increasingly introducing elements of sex instruction for students. And most parents are completely in the dark.

  • The California State Board of Education recently adopted a Health Education Curriculum Framework which is guidance for all the state’s public schools. Lessons offer “condom demos.6

  • Sex curriculum in Austin, Texas encourages even pre-pubescent children to consider “vaginal intercourse,” “oral intercourse,” and “anal intercourse.7 Angry parents demand to know who gave the school district the right to teach their child how to have anal and oral sex.8

  • Schools in Indiana send teens shopping for condoms, with a worksheet to fill out comparing brands, prices, lubrication, and whether or not they are comfortable shopping in the store.9

  • Parents in a rural Virginia high school were outraged when they learned their ninth graders were shown videos teaching “penis pleasure,” how to“ stimulate a prostate” inside the anus, and the joys of “sex toys." 10

  • Teachers in North Carolina are given comprehensive training on how to introduce transgender concepts into the minds of very young children. 11

  • Hundreds of schools in Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, Texas (and more) have selected Get Real., Planned Parenthood’s curriculum for seventh graders. One lesson is How to Use Cling Wrap as a Dental Dam for Oral Sex.12

Here is a video used by the ETR, Get Real curriculum to show teachers how to teach children about condom usage. It's a loophole to use in states that do not allow condom teaching in schools:

All of this is intense sexual grooming! And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Watch the video below to get a better understand of what is occurring.

“What was once simply imparting science-based information and skills to save sex until marriage has now become creating young radical sexual ideologues with the desire to exercise their “sexual rights.” ~Cathy Ruse

International pressure groups have been extraordinarily successful in pushing “Comprehensive Sexuality Education” (CSE) agenda-driven curriculum into American public (government) schools. There has been a systematic infiltration in America that aims at destroying the nuclear family and traditional values. No, this isn't a made up conspiracy theory. It actually is a proven fact, but that is for another post. If you don't believe me, do your due diligence and research what I am saying. Do not discount it because it's easier to be in denial than to dig and discovered that we have been lied to.

It’s About Getting Kids Off Balance: Easier to Manipulate

  • Programs result in increased sexual activity, increased number of sex partners, and increased sexual experimentation by students. 7

  • School systems are devoting significant classroom time to them—70 hours per child in one district 8 —even while schools are failing to fulfill their core mission.

  • Two-thirds of American students can’t read at grade level and reading scores have worsened in 31 states.9 And these statistics are before the COVID-19 agenda took hold. Many children are currently not getting an adequate education.

The schools DO NOT CARE about your children. Sure, there are some educators and administrators that go into the system because they sincerely want to help children to learn and grow. However, even the most kind-hearted person can be complicit in agendas when they are hidden and disguised as "health" or "inclusivity." As a whole the system will fail your children and when something bad occurs you will get no real answers. See how parents were treated when a Physical Education teacher was caught naked and chasing children during PE.

You can download the shocking and verified (with links to everything!) the PDF that Cathy Ruse created for parents right here:

Proof of Sex Ed
Download PDF • 767KB

Child Sex Indoctrination & Exploitation : Some States "Can’t" Opt Out

They want you to believe that you if you live in states with no-opt-out "laws" that you are forced into allowing schools to abuse your innocent child. This is UNTRUE. You are the only one who can protect your child/ children and who is solely morally, spiritually, physically, and lawfully responsible for your child / children's well-being. No one can obligate you to do something in which you know will inflict harm on your child / children.

The Family Research Council has provided a universal opt-out letter that you can use to protect your child.

Universal Opt Out Letter
Download PDF • 392KB

Please know that you are NOT helpless. You have the power to protect your innocent children. You can do so at any stage of the game --- from kindergarten to 12th grade.

Please visit this Homeschooling Page for information on how you can help your children get out of the indoctrination camps AKA public school system.


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