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"Where Can I go to Escape this Agenda?"

This is the number one question in my inbox. People want to know where to go in order to escape the impending danger that they know is coming. And although, at this time, you can find some reprieve in certain places throughout the world, I am sorry to say that there is no true escape from the agenda that is unfolding. It's been unfolding from the beginning of the fall and has had the help of many evil men and women throughout time --- and from some not-so-evil men and women, just ignorant pawns unwittingly playing their part. The agenda really picked up speed at the turn of the 20th century and as technology progresses, so is the plan.

What is this Agenda?

Is there just one agenda or many?

The answer is, both. There is a primary agenda, they want society to believe that God doesn't exist. They want to strip us from His holy presence. In the effort to do this, many agendas have been put into play, and are working simultaneously together at achieving the primary goal.

You may not believe me and that is okay. However, the proof is all around us. Blessings from our Creator, all that is natural and good has been slowly chipped away at and made to look unnatural and bad. Animals, plants, and sea creatures that once nourished our bodies are now called culprits to "climate change" and are said to be destroying the earth. They want us to believe that laboratory made "meats" and modified plants are healthier for us than what has provided sustenance since the beginning of creation. God gave us dominion over the world and told us to be fruitful and multiply. The powers-that-be want the opposite. A look at the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development by the United Nations or the original one, the 2021 Agenda for Sustainable Development will give you a better idea of the sinister plan to make humans second class citizens to the "nature that must be saved."

They don't want humans having dominion of the world and they definitely do not want us to be fruitful and multiply. They have sold society the greatest lie, that killing one's prosperity, blood line, future, is a woman's right. We are the only species stupid enough to not want to be prolific and secure our survival. Many have devoured the lie that children are an inconvenience. However, they didn't just stop there. They have systematically used the "educational" system, the media, and propaganda to convince society that real science does not matter. They want to erase biological truths and to make us believe that anything that our imaginations can conjure up is actuality. Make believe is no longer a childhood pastime. The emperor is butt naked, but we must compliment his fine garments by pretending that XX and XY chromosomal differences do not exist, that they are subjective and fluid.

What I have written thus far, is just a glimpse at their attempts to chip away at Biblical truths.

This post cannot catch the newly-awaken up or give a history lesson on the how's or the why's we have gotten to this place in our world history. An article could never explain what is unfolding and why, it would take several volumes of books to thoroughly do that.

This post is to answer the number one question in my inbox, "where can I go to escape?"

And the answer to that question is that you cannot outrun or escape, what has already been set into motion and has been prophesied. The Bible is clear that a one world economical and governmental system must occur in order for the false prophet and beast from the Book of Revelation to rise.

So What Can You Do?

You cannot outrun the agenda, but you sure can put yourself in a better situation for survival and if you are a Believer, putting yourself in a better situation will free you up to evangelize others --- for we were tasked with the Great Commission, after all. Plus, this is not our world, we are just visiting. The most important thing is relying on our Savior. However, we must be wise and just like we are told to flee into the mountains (Mt. 24:15), we must also do what we can to prepare, especially if we have children or elderly parents who depend on us. Here is a short list of things to ponder:

  • Leave cities. If you live in a major city or any city for that matter, leave. You do not want to be surrounded by desperate people when it all hits rock bottom. It will be pure chaos and getting out, nearly impossible.

  • Take an inventory of your belongings and separate needs from wants.

  • Sell all unimportant things and use that money to buy things that matter.

  • Get rid of debt. They will control you if you cannot support yourself.

  • Buy land if you can. If you cannot achieve this plan alone, get together with other likeminded trusted individuals to make this come true.

  • Learn new skills -- gardening, canning and other food preservations, sewing, cooking, building a fire, butchering and processing animals, etc.

  • Build a bug-out-bag for you and every capable member of your household (those who can carry their own bags).

  • Start stockpiling food. Click here for a great article that I wrote, that you may find helpful.

  • If you cannot buy land, look into alternative forms of living that can save you money until you can save up for this goal -- examples: full time RV'ing, tiny living, etc.

  • The most important thing that you can do is make sure that you have a real relationship with Jesus Christ -- turn away from your sins, repent, and ask for forgiveness and then accept His sacrifice as your salvation.

I have tons of resources on my Telegram page . If you aren't already subscribed over there, I advise you to join me, so that you can get with other like minded people and get ideas on how to get ready for the agenda that is unraveling.

Because you may not be able to outrun this agenda, but you sure can get ready for it....


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