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Would You Know How and Where to Relocate During Emergency Situations?

This is NOT a sponsored post. I just feel it is important enough during these times to post about things that will help others.

When faced with a threat of survival, you will look at relocation through different lenses than you would during a time of peace and prosperity. You will not care about the best golf courses, warm sunny climates, cultural activities, states of "educational" institutions or things like the state of the local economy. You will want to go to a place where your chances for survival will increase during threats that most other people fail to see or choose to ignore such as:

  • A labor crisis or pandemic that halts the inflow of food and business goods

  • An economic crisis that threatens your pensions, investments and other so-called "guaranteed" income streams

  • A major earthquake or other natural disaster that suddenly upsets the natural social order for months at a time

  • An emergency that clogs the area's freeways

  • The "unthinkable" nuclear war or major terrorist attack on a U.S. city with chemical or biological weapons

In the past, imagining such events seemed frantic and impossible, but the last two years have shown us that we must take such threats seriously. This is why a book like Joel M. Skousens' book, Strategic Relocation, North American Guide to Safe Places - Fourth Edition, is a must-read.


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