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Educational Options

Charlotte Mason Method 

Charlotte Mason’s philosophy views the child as a person. Good habits and noble ideas help shape them. Not just their minds, but their whole persons and their whole lives...

Child Reading in the Grass

Co-Opt Method

A group of families who meet together and work cooperatively to achieve common goals. Parents may lead activities and classes or parents may pay all or some of the teachers and activity leaders.

Nursery School

Grandparent Led Homeschooling

Grandparents have a world of skills, knowledge and wisdom that they can pass down to their grandchildren. This educational option is great for families whose parents work...

Preparing Jams

Learning Centers

Learning centers are spaces set aside in the home that allows easy access to a variety of learning materials in an interesting and productive manner.

Reading with Magnifying Glass

One Room Schoolhouse

A One-Room Schoolhouse is truly one classroom. Therefore, all students, regardless of age, are educated in the same classroom at the same time.


 Classical Education

Popular with many Christian and other families that prefer a liberal arts education for their children. However, it is so much more than that...

Learning to Read

Eclectic Homeschooling 

Homeschoolers pick and choose among various methods. In this method, each child is unique. Parents meet their child where they are at. 

Family Going Fishing

Hire a Teacher

There are many teachers looking for work and many would be happy to homeschool your children. This is a great option for parents who work...

Teacher and Young Student


Montessori is individually driven and focuses on independent learning revolving around self-directed activity, hands-on-learning and collaborative play.

Boy in Art Class

Online Education

Online education is education that takes place over the Internet. It is often referred to as E-Learning / Distance Learning / Cyber Schooling, etc. 

Using a Tablet

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