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Vaccine Ingredients

Do you know what's in a vaccine? 

You would be surprised to know that many

toxic ingredients are in vaccinations. 

We are living in a very health conscious society. Nowadays, people research what they eat, what products they clean their homes with, and what materials their children's toys are made from. However, when it comes to vaccinations, many savvy consumers do very little to no research at all. Why is this? Is it because most people rely on their doctors, regulatory agencies like the CDC or the media to tell them the truth about vaccines? Has the mantra that vaccines are "safe and effective" been repeated enough that people just believe it?

Many people are horrified to learn that vaccines have never been tested for their carcinogenic (cancer causing ), mutagenic or reproductive effects. You can find this fact by reading any vaccine product insert. People are equally upset to find that ingredients like Monsanto's Round-Up (glyphosate) is found in vaccines. You can learn more about the scientific findings of glyphosate in vaccines by clicking here and reading the independent lab testing conducted by  Microbe Inotech Laboratories Inc. of St. Louis, Missouri. 


Because vaccines are injected and not taken orally, it even more  important to know exactly what's in them. Why? Because science shows that whatever is injected is far more potent than anything ingested. Injections, like vaccines, bypass the body’s digestive system and all the body's first defenses -- instead they travel fairly quickly into the bloodstream and then reach vital organs. This causes both acute and chronic inflammation that leads to  health issues and can lead to  sudden death.

Vaccines cause a phenomenon called Original Antigen Sin. Original Antigenic Sin occurs when an injected vaccine antigen programs the body to react in a manner that is incomplete, and different to the natural response to infection. When the vaccinated person contacts that disease again, they are unable to mount an effective response to the pathogen because vital first steps are missing. In simple terms, this means that the vaccine makes it harder for your body to fight the infection that it's trying to protect you from because a vaccine, unlike nature is incomplete and can never provide the immunities that you would get if you were exposed to the infection naturally and then encountered it again. Many times the vaccine protects from the symptoms, but not the actual infection.  This means that you can unknowingly spread the infection to others. Yes, the vaccinated can spread diseases. This was shown in a 2013 study by Jason Warfel. You can click here to read the findings. 

People depend on their doctors to educate them on vaccine ingredients, safety, and risks. However, it is common for doctors to not give their patients' complete and accurate information, so that they may make a true informed consent. Many times office visits are short and rushed. Doctors may go over the CDC Vaccine Information Sheet that lists things like: swelling at the site of the injection, fever, and other minor reactions. However, thorough information is rarely ever given. 


When was the last time that your doctor went over vaccine ingredients, a vaccine insert, and all the associated risks with you?

Ingredients Found in Most Vaccines


Known to cause brain damage at all doses, linked to ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE, dementia, seizures, autoimmune issues, SIDS and cancer. This toxin accumulates in the brain and causes more damage with each dose.


Known to cause CANCER in humans. Probable gastrointestinal, liver, respiratory, immune, nerve and reproductive system POISON. Banned from injectables in most European countries. 


Known to cause CANCER. Suspected gastrointestinal, liver, nerve and respiratory, skin and sense organ POISON.


ALLERGIC reactions can range from mild to life-threatening.


Can be incorporated into the recipient's DNA and cause genetic mutations. 


Poisonous if ingested. Causes BIRTH DEFECTS in animals.


Can cause life-threatening allergic reactions


Linked to nut and soy allergies 


Human DNA from aborted BABIES. Pig blood, horse blood, rabbit brains, dog kidneys, cow hearts, monkey kidneys, chick embryos, calf serum, sheep blood & more. Linked to childhood leukemia and diabetes.


One of the most toxic substances known. Even if a thermometer breaks, the building is cleared and HAZMAT is called. Tiny doses cause damage to the brain, gut, liver, bone marrow, nervous system and/or kidneys. Linked to autoimmune disorders, and neurological disorders like AUTISM.


A toxic chemical that is linked to birth defects, developmental delays, and infertility 

Interferes with vitamin B6 absorption which can lead to epilepsy and brain damage. Allergic reactions can range from mild to life -threatening.

Used as anti-freeze. TOXIC to all cells and capable of destroying the immune system.


Known to cause CANCER in animals and linked to numerous autoimmune issues and infertility.

Potentially toxic to the kidney and nervous system.

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