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What Would You do if There was No Money to Buy Things With?

How the Federal Reserves Fits into the Current Agenda

Dear Readers,

Are you prepared for the inevitable market crash?

The following words are so that you can piece together current events and not be caught off guard.

Do you think that the thing that you call, government, can print money out of thin air and it not have any repercussions? Well, it cannot do that because it will...

Remember when people were panic buying, supermarket shelves were emptied and there was no toilet paper to buy?

What if there were no dollars to buy anything with? And what if it were done on purpose to force you into another false system...the digital one?

However, Dear Readers, we must first go back in time in order for today to make sense...

In 1908 there was a recession and the federal government had to borrow money from JP Morgan to stay solvent. In 1910, Paul Warburg, JP Morgan, Nelson Alridge and other big players of the day met on Jekyll Island to write a plan to "reform" the nation’s banking system. The meeting and its purpose were closely guarded secrets, and participants did not admit that the meeting occurred until the 1930s. The plan written on that faithful weekend on, Jekyll Island, laid a foundation for what would eventually be the Federal Reserve System.

To truly understand this sinister plan, please read:

The plan was presented to the US congress and passed over Christmas recess in 1913. The public was told that the, Federal Reserves System (the Fed), would be a safer more stable financial system. In actuality, it was safety net that allowed banks and the elite to make more and more risky loans -- making the rich, richer and the poor, poorer.

The Fed does two things: 1) it is the reserve bank for other banks. Banks loan out your deposits and therefore do not have 100% of deposited cash on hand. If there is a run on the bank, the Fed will loan the bank the money needed to cover the run, thus keeping the bank solvent. 2)The Fed loans money to the US Federal Government on demand in exchange for the future value of Treasury bonds.

A side note about money and the Federal government. The US Constituion says that the congress is responsible for weights and measures. This is so that congress is responsible for the weight of precious metals and those weights are standardized. The government can mint coin, but it cannot print money. It can, however, borrow money. This is where the Fed comes in.

Since 1914 the United States' government began to borrow money from the Fed. WWI left the US with a need for money and the Fed was happy to provide it against the future value of T bonds. The roaring 20's happened -- a period of seemingly economic prosperity and the expansion of cities and "culture." Banks were enabled by the false safety net of the Fed and made risky investments and loans. Then the stock market collapsed. The Fed was supposed to prevent these problems from happening, and yet, it seemed to have caused the largest economic depression to that date.

Twenty years after 1913 and 4 years into the Great Depression, the first Treasury Bonds were coming due.

On May 1, 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued, Executive Order 6102 that required all gold coin, gold bullion and gold certificates be surrendered to the federal government. He basically confiscated people's private property. He then also changed the value of gold from $20/oz to $35/oz and had a bank holiday. Since that time we have been compelled to use Federal Reserve Notes (what you call dollar bills). The federal government is painted into a corner where it must continually borrow fed notes against the future value of... wait for it.... the same federal reserve notes. n=n+1. The trap that was set in 1913 was sprung into action in 1933.

Just as President Coolidge was eager to get us involved in WWI, FDR was eager to get us into WWII. We were a late entrant into the second war, but we sold a lot of munitions and supplies to Europe. By the end of WWII we (the Federal Reserve ) had practically all the gold from first world countries at Fort Knox.

In 1947, there was an international meeting in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire where it was decided that the US Dollar (aka Federal Reserve Notes) would be the currency used in all international transactions. Hence, why oil is traded in dollars to this day.

At this point, all of Europe is de facto on the Federal Reserve System. They never got their gold back and must use their own currencies internally as fiat currency. The US had an advantage because it was the first "customer" of the Federal Reserve and was able to print the money it needed internationally. No other country was able to do that.

All other countries eventually came into the Federal Reserves System. It is a Ponzi scheme where each player is beholden to the players ahead of them and seeks to profit from new entrants. Think of a pyramid company scheme that eventually has no new players, that is where we are at today. There are no new entrants. North Korea is the only outlyer and they, frankly, won't bring much with them if they did join the party.

There are two things absolutely necessary to keep a Ponzi scheme going:

1) You must keep existing players under you in the game, and

2) There must always be new players.

If you ever wondered why the US is the police force of the world, wonder no longer...

All the wars fought are not for the reasons that we are told. Really, they are no different than mob enforcement tactics. If players stop playing the game, their leader's airplane falls out of the sky, their leader is assassinated or there is a coup on their country. However, if their leader is savvy enough to avoid all those things, they'll just tell the public what a tyrant he is and send the military over to kick his ass. The US then installs a leader who is more favorable to "our" interests. Now, Dear Reader, look back at all the historical events since WWII with your new found perspective and fall down some rabbit holes. George W. Bush said "they hate us for our freedoms." No!! They hate us because we keep screwing around in their countries.

So, now let us ask 'what happens when the Ponzi scheme is up?' What happens when they run out of new entrants and the n=n+1 scheme starts to crash? A cover-up OF COURSE!!! The very last thing that these players want is for the public to realize the actual cause of the financial collapse that's coming. That is inevitable!!!

Now, let us think a little outside the box and play the came of What-If?

What if those holding the bag have come up with a plan to deflect the public's anger while the collapse is happening....

What if they could cause the economy to collapse for some other reason? Like an over-hype of the common flu? OR the creation of a common-flu-bio-weapon that induces so much fear that it makes everyone stay home, gives the excuse to make people stay home, it collapses small businesses (the fabric of America) and stops commerce as we know it?

Wouldn't that weaken the economy?

What if they were able to convince the public that the cessation of economic activity was the cause instead of the scape goat?

Wouldn't other countries who were also high up on the Federal Reserve pyramid scheme also be keenly interested in diffusing their citizens' anger?

And sine these countries also have a sinister plan to unite and create a Global Takeover, wouldn't this plan serve to purposes? A nice cover-up for the Ponzi scheme and a great segue for transhumanism-digitial currency-NWO?

I mean, the European economy has been on the brink of collapse for years with Germany being the only strong producer and Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain (PIGS) weighing them down. Combine that with the aforementioned n=n+1 Federal Reserve problem and you'll have Merkel and Macron looking for any good scapegoat.

Let us use the Titanic as an analogy. It is believed that after the ship struck the iceberg, the band played lively music to keep the passengers from realizing how dire the situation was. They didn't want anyone panicking. In our case, the monetary system struck an iceberg in 1933. The music played for a very long time and there's been a change in the captains a few times. But now, the water is approaching the port hole windows and the passengers are being told to go back to their cabins lest something bad happen. The passengers are scared to death and voluntarily quarantine in their cabins, but the inevitable will occur. Those who chose to not follow the narrative because things aren't adding up will find a raft and hopefully make it to safety.

Don't be surprised if these variants of the virus will contine to be hyped and the shutdowns will continue until the economy is dead. Any logical person must see the fact that the Federal Reserve System cannot continue indefinitely. It will crash at some point and I belive that point is very soon indeed. What we are seeing globally is a lot of governments trying to slowly control the collapse of their currencies without alarming the "passengers." They don't want to tip us off until it is too late and we are all in their new Ponzi scheme, but this time instead of the Fed, we are now indebted to digital currency that controls every aspect of our lives.

What will you do when this occurs? Are you ready? Are you self-sustainable or will you be part of the slave system that will control every aspect of your life, including your own physical body?

Do not let this article scare you. Let is empower you into seeking out others and getting into a raft boat before the Titanic sinks.

By: Yvette Bronx



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